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About Us

Rips Painting is a family-owned and operated, local contracting company that started in 1988 in the Jefferson Parish area. Don’t let our name fool you! Rips can do the whole project. Rips Painting provides a whole host of services beyond painting, including staining, varnishing, pressure washing, mold remediation, and drywall and plaster repairs. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality to our customers for a fair price. Our customers are extremely important to us, and we are dedicated to past and future clients to provide the best experiences possible. We make our best effort to understand the customer’s needs and desires in every situation. As a company and as a team, we have over 30 years of experience and aspire to be the professionals that everyone will turn to for all their household needs.

Our Story

Rips Painting’s origins are a little unorthodox. I, Joe Ripoll, the owner, and founder came into the business after working for 10 years offshore on tug boats. During my free-time offshore, I consistently found myself painting with oil-based paints. After moving up the ranks, I reached a point in my life where working offshore for months at a time was no longer a viable option. With two sons and a wife who was often on-call at the hospital, I needed the flexibility of creating my own schedule. My thoughts always came back to painting offshore.

Thus, Rips Painting was born. It started as a one-person operation, freelancing to outside contractors. As the years progressed, I learned the business and began taking jobs myself rather than just as a subcontractor, and Rips Painting grew in number and in name. Eventually, I took classes and got my contractor’s license.

When my oldest son turned 18, I offered him a place at Rips Painting. Like me, Teddy learned the construction business from the ground up.

After Hurricane Katrina, I added to my business license by taking classes and getting my contractor’s license as well as a certification in mold remediation.

With 30 years of experience, I consider myself an expert in painting, drywall, plastering, staining and varnishing. My son Teddy has learned carpentry and can complete projects both large and small. We specialize in baseboards, crown molding, and other decorative trim. Teddy and I have worked together for over 20 years and love seeing a project from start to finish.

Though Rips Painting has employed non-family employees in the past, we are currently a family-run business, with my daughter Jo joining us as our marketer. We look forward to moving Rips Painting into the future as a family.

Our Values

Provide Quality Work at a Fair Price

Motto: Provide Quality Work at a Fair Price
We treat your home as if it was our own. Requested estimates are always free, and job changes are always approved by the customer; there will be no surprises. Rips Painting offers our clients the very best residential contractor services, whether it’s a small repair or complete remodel.

Clean & Correct Work the First Time

Integrity & Ethics: Clean & Correct Work the First Time

We provide our clients with the best job in the industry. We’ve proven that Rips Painting is trustworthy and reliable, and our customers feel confident that they hired a fantastic local company.

We take care of clients’ property and prepare work areas with proper equipment and care, and we ensure that each project is completed correctly the first time.

Rips Painting is customer-focused. We do not discriminate and treat our clients with the respect that every human deserves. Listening to the clients’ desires and expectations are first on our priority list as well as providing expert opinions when asked.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Rips Painting uses environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Deliver What We Promise

We will stay with a project until the job is complete and the client is happy. We do our best to respond to quote requests and complete jobs in a timely manner.

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Joe Ripoll
Owner and President

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Teddy Ripoll
Vice President


Jo Ripoll
Marketing Coordinator

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