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About Rips Painting
Rips Painting has more then thirty years of experience with helping the Woodmere, LA area community with their Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing projects. In that time we have seen a lot of changes in this industry, we have always tried to keep up with where things are going. Keeping up with the times has never been easier, with multiple generations in the business our Father and Son team have been growing and expanding the business to better help our clients! If you need help with any Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing projects in the Woodmere, LA area, please call Rips Painting at 504-833-7807 today!
What Makes Us Unique?
Rips Painting has always put our clients first, we believe in making sure every Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing project in the Woodmere, LA area is done right the first time. We want to make our clients feel comfortable and like they are really heard when it comes to their Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing projects. We do not believe in just slapping some paint on the walls and hoping for the best, we are giving a quality product for a fair price and building lasting relationships with our clients! If you need assistance with any Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing projects in the Woodmere, LA area, please call Rips Painting at 504-833-7807 today!
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Power washing, or pressure washing, is a high pressure water spray. More powerful than the typical garden hose. It works on many different surfaces and is used to remove everything from mold to gum and stains. Exterior Power washing can make almost anything look new again!

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