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Carpentry is working with or repairing wood and items made of wood. Rips Painting specializes in construction carpentry. We work with framing (the internal structure of a house or room) and interior trim. This includes door frames, baseboards wainscoting, crown molding, mantle pieces, staircases, bookcases, shelving, and other trim packages. Rips Painting can complete carpentry projects both large and small.

Drywall & Plaster

Drywall (also known as sheetrock) and plaster are materials used to make walls and ceilings. Drywall is a chalky material with a paper cover, while plaster is a type of finish that is hard as concrete but not as thick. Rips Painting can take care of both drywall and plaster repairs. Whether the plaster has cracked, crumbled, or fallen, the drywall is bubbling or separating from the wall surface, or if there’s just a hole in the hall, Rips Painting can repair it.

Match Textures

Textures are the surface finish for interior walls and ceilings. Interior surfaces can have a variety of textures, from orange peel or popcorn to knockdown and skip trowel. We can determine the texture in your home and match it to repair. Rips Painting specializes in matching textures.

Mold Remediation (certified)

Mold remediation is the process of getting rid of mold. Rips Painting uses a self-made, environmentally friendly biocide solution to rid your home of all bad types of mold. This process can be intensive, depending on the volume of mold, as it involves sealing off the affected areas and deep cleaning everything in said area, including cleaning inside the walls. Now, you may be wondering, why can’t I just use bleach instead of going through this involved process? Bleach won’t actually get rid of the mold—it only discolors it. The mold would continue to grow in the affected areas and potentially cause more problems. Please note that this solution is not a replacement for a mold inspection. We actually recommend having a mold inspection before Rips comes in to determine the extent of the mold.

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As our name indicates, Rips Painting does a variety of painting projects. We can paint both interior and exterior walls, and work with both latex (water-soluble, environmentally friendly) and oil-based paint. We will not work with lead-based paint. If there is ever a project where a client is unsure of colors or a type of paint, we are always happy to offer our expertise.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is exactly what it sounds like—washing with pressure. Rips uses a machine that pushes water out at a high pressure to clean exterior surfaces, such as: fences, house exteriors, decks, carports, driveways, and concrete. In some cases the water will include soap or chemicals to remove tough stains like grease. Because of the high-intensity pressure, this is not for interior use.

Staining & Varnishing

Staining is coloring wood or concrete. Externally, this could be a porch or a deck; internally, this may be a piece of furniture or a door. Rips Painting only stains wood or concrete, and we work with both water and oil-based stains. Varnishing seals the color into the wood and gives a polished and durable finish. This is different than just polishing furniture since varnishing acts a protectant, rather than just creating a glossy finish. Sometimes staining and varnishing can go hand-in-hand but Rips Painting can also complete individual staining or varnishing projects.

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